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Trung of Zun Zun Photography Talks About learning from other Photographers

My name is Trung, you can also call me Zun! Thanks for your offer, I please to connect with you.
 1.What does photography means to you? For me, photography is not gold, it's like water. I can live without gold, but can't live without photography. 
2.Why do you love photography? I love photography because I want to keep many beautiful things that I see or my eyes can't not see. Camera is my third eye, I also want to show people what I see. 

3. What list two photography tips for a beginner? I just stared my photography for nearly 1 year, I learnt everything by myself. I made some mistakes and got lots of experiences. There are some tips: - Never stop learning, through Youtube, forums, social networks, offline groups... - If I see a beautiful photo, I'll ask myself how was it shot? what do I need to have a picture like that, maybe I'll ask the photographer how it was shot if possible. - I share my experiences, passions with other people. For me, sharing is not just about giving, its also mean we have more chances to improve! 
I'm Vietnamese. Once again, nice to meet you! Cheer, Zun

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