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5 City Cycling Trips for Cyclists

 A bike allows you to view all of the landmarks while also allowing you to discover the city's hidden gems. It also allows you to quickly transform into a local, even if only for the weekend. Cycling city breaks are becoming increasingly enticing, with bike rental on the rise, bike-sharing applications gaining traction, and transportation operators now offering cheaper and easier solutions for carrying bikes as luggage.

For those who enjoy a good spin, here's a list of cycle-friendly cities.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto's streets are built out in a grid layout going North-South and East-West, similar to the ancient Chinese capital of Chang'an, making it incredibly easy to navigate by bike. Despite the lack of bike-only lanes, the city has a reputation for being bike-friendly. If the roads are congested, certain 'pedestrian spaces' can be used, but only those with a sign declaring that this is permitted (and if you are, remember to weave your way through pedestrians carefully and respectfully). Most sites have a modest bicycle parking lot close to them, but if you're in the city center, you can utilize the larger ones, such as the WINGS Downtown parking lot or Kyoto Station.

Copenhagen, Denmark

In Copenhagen, the number of bikes officially surpassed the number of vehicles a few years ago. This is hardly surprising given the city's infrastructure, which includes bike lanes isolated from car traffic, traffic lights timed according to average cycling speed, and a network of Cycle Superhighways specifically created for commuters. Whether you're there to ride one of the world's oldest roller coasters at Tivoli Gardens, confront local counter culture in Christiania, or simply have a beer or a coffee by the seaside in Nyhavn, try it out for yourself by touring the city by bike. If you still have energy for a final sprint, visit the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers' eco-friendly gym.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Even the Dutch prime minister rides his bike around Amsterdam, and the Dutch are very proud of their bike culture. Renting an omafiets (Dutch-style bike) to zip around Amsterdam will provide you with a truly Dutch experience. Bike rentals are available at many hotels, including the Conscious Hotel, which is particularly eco-friendly. The hotel's sustainable features are explained on small tags or signs, and it's directly close to the gorgeous Vondelpark.

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux has been designated as a 'vélotouristique' (bicycle tourism) destination since 2011. The 'V3' bike share scheme, which is extremely reasonably priced, allows you to pick up and drop off bicycles in 174 places throughout the city. There are also various tourism bike routes to follow; the entire city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you can see the region's famous vineyards if you venture out of town. Many visitors may spend a day visiting the Cité du Vin honing their palates, but don't miss La Toque Cuivrée, which serves the best 'cannelés de Bordeaux,' the city's famous pastry. Before bed, relax with a cocktail at Mama Shelter, which is just around the corner.

Portland, USA

Portland's cycling people and their bicycles come in all shapes and sizes, and the city is often referred to as the most bike-friendly in the United States. You're just as likely to see a home-welded tall bike as a complete carbon speed machine or a sticker-covered fixed gear while waiting at the lights. The Royal Sonesta Portland Downtown is an excellent spot to base yourself; not only is it centrally located, but they'll also offer you complimentary bikes to move around. With its artisan beer brewers, coffee roasteries, and farmers' markets, Portland is your oyster. With over 500 kilometers of bike lanes, including Tilikum Crossing, a pedestrian and cycling bridge that spans the Willamette River, the city lives up to its bike-friendly image.

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