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Sensational beach hotel destinations from coast to coast.

 Are you planning a vacation to a beachside, alone or with friends and family? how about a hotel with a beach located at the same location, an amazing safe stay. Here is the list of affordable beach hotels with the most charming view and a great relaxing feel.


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There's a hotel and beach to fit every need in these destinations.

West Coast hotels

West Coast = best coast? Decide for yourself at these hot hotels near the Pacific.

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East Coast hotels

Spread out your towels and dip your toes in the Atlantic. These are some of the hottest hotels near East Coast beaches.

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Southern Coast hotels

Bring daydreams of sun-kissed skin and salty hair to reality. These are some of the hottest hotels in the South.

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Hawaiian hotels

Aloha! Nowhere can compare to the beach paradise that is Hawaii, especially at these hotels.

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Mexican hotels

Head south of the border to the sandy shores of Mexico. These are some of the best hotels near the country's shorelines.

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Family-friendly beach hotels

Make your next family vacation the best one ever. These are some of the best family-friendly beach hotels in the US.

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