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The feelings that comes along visiting the memorial Complex is so strong, Something just felt so calm in my spirit, lots of thoughts dancing around my soul. This is 3rd time I am visiting the memorial complex of glory but that same fresh feeling keeps coming each time I step into the that arena. It is such an honor for everyone who fought for freedom. This is sure a place to visit in Kharkov Ukraine.

The memorial complex of Glory is located in Lisopark, which during the war years became a place of mass executions of inhabitants, guerrillas and soldiers. One of its fields was a huge common grave – exactly at this place later was built The Memorial of Glory. Alley framed by two pylons is leading to the Motherland statue, and at her foot an eternal flame burns. Further, there are tables engraved with the names of people who rested there. In this place sounds the heartbeat of the people who fought for their land and their people to victory. On the Victory day here are coming thousands of Kharkovites, to lay flowers in memory of the victims.

The stately Glory Memorial was unveiled in the Forest Park in 1977. It immortalizes the undying exploits of the Soviet people fighting the Nazism (which is the ideology and practice associated with the 20th-century German Nazi Party and Nazi Germany, as well as other far-right groups).
The Complex of Glory immortalized the immortal and unforgettable feat of Soviet citizens in the fight against the Nazi invaders. At this northern city limit the Nazis executed and shot tens of thousands of Soviet soldiers, partisans and underground fighters, prisoners of war and patriots, who refused to submit to the enemy. 

During the Great Patriotic War the residents of Kharkov showed the enviable courage, bravery and heroism. They stoically fought against the oppression of the conquerors, together with other citizens of the former Soviet Union and gave their lives for the peaceful life of their descendants. In honor of these soldiers there were erected three steles with dropped down cast banners. On one stele there is the inscription, which is to remind present and future generations about the great feat of the Soviet people: "In the battles for Kharkov 186 306 Soviet soldiers died a hero’s death".

The majestic stele depicting the suffering, struggles and joys of the Great Victory. Beside it there is a sculpture Mother-Motherland frozen in mournful silence for the fallen warriors in battle. On the gray granite there is paved the inscription with gold letters: "Heroes do not die. They gain immortality, and remain forever in our memory, in our deeds, in the great affairs of future generations. Their descendants owe them their lives."

At Kharkov city's northern boundary, the Hitlerites executed tens of thousands of Soviet war prisoners, partisans, members of underground resistance, and patriots who had not submitted to the enemy.
Three memorial steles with lowered cast metal flags tell the story of Kharkivites' contribution in the Soviet people's battle with the hateful enemy.

The Memorial was created by a team consisting of sculptors V.I.Agibalov, M.F.Ovsyankin, Ya.I.Ryk, artist S.G.Svetlorusov, architects E.Yu.Cherkasov, I.A.Alferov, and A.A. Maksymenko.


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